GTB - Berlin    Gesellschaft für Technik am Bau mbH


Current Projects

Renovation of the psychiatry (Charité Berlin)

(2016 - …)

On behalf of the Charité – Universtitätsmedizin Berlin GTB - Berlin is currently planning the renovation of the psychiatric ward on the campus Berlin-Mitte which comprises an effective floor area of about 4,900 m² (10,000 m² GFA).

Overall, four care areas as well as miscellaneous functional and research areas are expected to be renovated.

New construction of a hospital building (Evangelisches Krankenhaus Königin Elisabeth Herzberge/KEH)

(2015 - …)

By order of the Krankenhaus Königin Elisabeth Herzberge GmbH GTB - Berlin is charged with the planning of a pavilion construction with an effective floor area of about 3,287 m² (6,639 m² GFA) on the site of the hospital “Evangelisches Krankenhaus Königin Elisabeth Herzberge” in Berlin. A medical supply center / health center, a diabetes center (outpatient clinic) and stationary care areas, which can be used as single and double bedrooms, will be built.

Jewish Hospital Berlin

(2015 - …)

In the course of the overall project “Complete Renovation of the Jewish Hospital Berlin” GTB - Berlin is responsible for the planning of the new construction of the general care ward including the psychiatry (building K) and for the reconstruction and expansion (modular building extensions) of the existing ward (building B). (13,800 m² GFA)

Zeughofstraße 1 – Reconstruction of building 31, 31a and 41a

(2015 - …)

On behalf of the UNDKRAUSS Baugesellschaft GmbH GTB-Berlin is currently planning the reconstruction of building 31, 31a and 41a for Zalando (about 10,000 m² GFA). Among other things, the existing plan is adjusted to tenant desires and architects state. Additionally, a fire protection concept is developed.

Hospital Hedwigshöhe, new construction of Pavilion D

(2015 - …)

Under the authority of the Alexianer St. Hedwig-Kliniken Berlin GmbH GTB - Berlin is engaged in the planning of a newly constructed building “Neubau Pavillon D” on the site of the Hedwigshöhe hospital. The new building is made for the following functional areas: psychiatry, somatic psychology, day-care psychiatry and left cardiac catheter / laboratory as appropriate.

CHP Torun

(2015 - …)

The company "EDF Polska S.A." with its subsidiary "EDF Gaz Torun" intends to replace a currently existing coal-fired combined heat and power plant with a newly built cogeneration plant.

The new gas-fired combined heat and power plant will be equipped with environmentally friendly cutting-edge technologies that allow for a total output of 100 MW electrical power and 340 MW heating energy.

MAN München – Reconstruction paint shop

(2014 - …)

The TMM GROUP Gesamtplanungs GmbH, Germany instructed GTB - Berlin to plan the reconstruction of a 4 to 5-storey prefabricated hall with functional areas for the pretreatment and base coating of driver cabins (structural engineering).

BDH-Clinic Greifswald

(2014 - …)

At Karl-Liebknecht Ring 26A in the city of Greifswald the BDH-Clinic Greifswald is planning to build an extension building.


New construction:

24 patient rooms including 12 acute car rooms and 12 rehabilitation rooms



27 rooms including 12 patient rooms and 15 functional rooms

University hospital oft he Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University Greifswald: data center

(2014 - …)

On behalf of the BBL M-V GTB - Berlin is currently planning the new construction of a data center. The existing data center is stripped down - however, it will be kept in service until the new center is taken into operation.

Hotel and Living on the River Spree


(2012 - …)

By order of the Agromex GmbH & Co. KG realized GTB - Berlin to plan the technical equipment for three tower blocks on the River Spree between Treptow and Twin Towers located, according to the plans of architect Pysall.

The floor area covers a total of approximately 39,000 m².

ROB Medical Center Replacement (ROB-MCR)

(2012 - …)

By order of HWP Planungsgesellschaft Stuttgart, GTB - Berlin is planning a new hospital complex in Germany for the DOD and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). The technical equipment of 134,580 m² of gross floor area involves the following building sections: a six-story admin tower, including control room, examination and treatment rooms, clinic, logistics center, and multi-story parking garage.

DGUV Office/Commercial Building, Glinkastraße

(2012 - …)

By order of FREO Financial & Real Estate Operations GmbH and
Ed. Züblin AG, GTB - Berlin is planning the supporting structure for DGUV's new seven-story office building, with approx. 10,680 m² of office space, on the corner of Französische Straße / Glinkastraße in Berlin. The new building will allow DGUV to expand its premises in Berlin and accommodate additional employees transferring from Munich and St. Augustin.

University Pediatric Clinic Werner und Michael Otto in Hamburg-Eppendorf

(2012 - …)

On the campus of the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Clinic,

GTB - Berlin is planning the electrical engineering for a new building, including upgrades to adjacent existing buildings.

The gross floor space of the new construction and renovations totals 24,700 m². The light, airy entrance contains the ALDEBARAN research ship for children, to encourage them to associate positive emotions with visits to the clinic.

New Construction of Office and Commercial Building, Upper West Berlin

(2011 - …)

On Berlin's Breitscheidplatz, between Kurfürstendamm and Kantstraße, another high-rise tower with hotel and office space is being planned next to the "Zoofenster", with a height of 118 m.

GTB - Berlin is responsible for the techical equipment in the heating, ventilation, and sanitation areas for the 35-story building, with its total floor area of 66,400 m².

The principals are Strabag Real Estate and Ed. Züblin AG.

Deutsche Schule Madrid

(2010 - 2015)

By order of general contractor Grüntuch Ernst Planungs­gesellschaft mbH, GTB - Berlin is responsible for structure planning of the overall project for the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning. In detail, this involves the new construction of an elementary and high school for some 1,500 students and a day-care center for 300 children. The planned project is one of Germany's lighthouse projects.