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Greifswald University Clinic

1st construction stage (1997-2003)

Construction of the diagnostic center for emergency medicine, the eye clinic, two hospital wards, and the auditorium with central infrastructure and a supply/disposal center.

2. construction stage (2001-2008)

New construction of other clinics, such as for general vascular surgery, for anesthesiology and intensive medicine, and a blood bank with S1/S2 pharmaceutical production labs. ...>>

Belzig district hospital

1st-3rd construction stages

(1998 - 2006)

Building extensions for the examination and treatment area and extension of the existing ward with helipad. Refurbishment and reconstruction of the central parts of the existing premises. New construction of a major solar energy system on the roof of the east wing. Refurbishment of the west wing. ...>>

Berlin-Marzahn emergency hospital

Helipad - parking level - hangar, house 5

(2001 - 2006)

A separate parking level was planned and constructed in addition to the existing helipad. An additional helipad with hangar is planned on the roof of the main building. House 5 from the former premises of the Greisinger hospital will be remodeled as a ward. ...>>