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Research and Education

Rostock University Library

(2000 - 2004)

A new library building was constructed in the Südstadt district of Rostock, at the location of the former cafeteria. A special feature of the library is its free-standing, four-story reading gallery. ...>>

Gymnasium Dallgow-Döberitz

(2003 - 2004)

On a property owned by the community of Dallgow-Döberitz, to the west of Berlin, on a former military base, the new building of the three-wing Marie Curie Gymnasium (high school) nestles among the wooded landscape of the Havelland. ...>>

Greifswald University Clinic

New construction of clinics K1.3-2.2,
2nd construction phase

(2004 - 2008)

In the southern basement floor of the new K1.3-K2.2 building, a pharmaceutical production area of the transfusion medicine department will be built to produce blood plasma. ...>>